Pre-Owned Genesis

Are you looking for a vehicle in Holland, MI? Elhart Genesis has helped thousands of customers find the right car. More often than not, the perfect vehicle turns out to be used.

That's right - you don't have to buy new to get the perfect make and model. A used Genesis for sale may fulfill your needs better than a brand-new Toyota.

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Best Reasons To Buy Used

There's a misconception that new is always better. However, there are plenty of benefits to buying used, especially if you're choosing a model that's only a few years old. Today's cars are built to last, so you don't have to worry about a slightly older car needing burdensome maintenance or replacement parts. With that concern out of the way, there's little holding you back from buying used.

Less Expensive

The number one benefit of purchasing used is the lower price tag. A vehicle's cost drops lower the older it is, though you can experience significant savings even a year or two out. The savings don't stop there - used cars are also cheaper to insure and register.

Better Class of Car

Since you're spending less on a vehicle, you can get more car for your dollar. Used luxury vehicles are still luxury class, even if they're pre-owned. This flexibility lets you choose the vehicle you really want, and you can even add all the latest features. For example, if you live in Holland, MI, you may appreciate seat warmers for winter days.

Purchasing a new vehicle with this mindset could set you back tens of thousands of dollars, but buying used lets you get the best without breaking the bank. Additionally, if you get a vehicle you like, you won't find yourself car shopping again in the near future.

Great Deals

When you purchase a used vehicle, there's room to negotiate. Car dealerships don't like to haggle over new inventory since they may lose money. However, there's wiggle room to barter with a used vehicle, especially if you have a trade-in. Skillful negotiating can net you some pretty valuable benefits:

  • Lower price

  • Additional features

  • Favorable payment options

Less Depreciation

You've probably heard that cars start to depreciate the moment you drive them off the lot, and unfortunately, it's true. However, depreciation slows down over time, so the older the car is, the less it will depreciate every year. So when you buy a used car, you're paying closer to its value.

Why Choose Us

If you want to buy a used Genesis or another pre-owned vehicle, you should visit Elhart Genesis. Located in Holland, MI, we're dedicated to offering the best cars in town. Our friendly staff can help you find a make and model that you're proud to drive. 

Find a Used Car That's Perfect for You at Elhart Genesis

For many drivers from Holland MI, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids MI, Coopersville MI and Grand Haven, a new car simply isn't the right choice. Between the price, financing requirements, and availability, it simply isn't in the cards. A used car offers many advantages like a power payment, more features for your dollar, and less depreciation over the years. Elhart Genesis is proud to carry a wide range of used cars, with numerous years, makes, models, and trims to choose from.

Why Buy from Elhart Genesis? Discover Why Our Team Makes the Difference

As you browse our selection of used models, you'll notice that we don't just sell Genesis models. With off-brand models for sale in Holland MI, you'll have an even easier time locating the perfect match for your commute in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids MI, Coopersville MI or Grand Haven. There are a variety of options available for you, whether you want a used car or sedan, and our team is committed to helping you bring it home.

Elhart Genesis Matches Your with the Right Used Car Every Time

Finding the right used car is about more than sticking to a budget. You want to make sure you're getting the right model and features for your needs. Using the filters on this page, you can narrow your search to only models that meet your criteria, whether you have a specific make, model, body style, or price in mind. When you've found the one you want, simply contact us for a test drive.